USP Students Association - Emalus Campus


To liaise and collaborate with the campus management, authorities and other organizations with the foresight of accommodating issues affecting the interests and needs of all students (USPSA-EC members).

Key Activities

  • Every beginning of each semester, it is a common tradition that USPSA-EC hosts a church service followed by a USPSA-EC social to officially welcome returning and first-time students to Emalus campus. Likewise, a gathering is held at the end of each semester to say goodbye to graduating students and to seek blessings for exams and the holiday season.
  • In between these fixed activities, it is up to each USPSA-EC council to decide what activities that should be included in their yearly calendar of events.
  • The annual “USPSA-EC PASIFIKA FEST” allows students to showcase their cultures and traditions. The rule of the Miss USPSA-EC PASIFIKA FEST pageant is that contestants may not be female.
  • Open day is perhaps the major highlight of every year for the students. It’s when students get a rare opportunity to showcase their traditions and culture and to display what the law school stands for, through mooting competitions and other means.
  • USPSA-EC committees include:
    • Executive committee
    • Academic committee
    • Fundraising committee
    • Dining Hall committee
    • Sports and Social committee
    • Public and International Relations committee

Social channels

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