Property and Facilities Department

The Property and Facilities Department is proactive and responsive in the provision of properties and facilities related services to the University.

Emalus Campus

The Property and Facilities department is responsible for:

  • maintenance and repairs of buildings, utilities and staff quarters, which includes electrical, gas, water, sewer, roads, car parks, plants and machinery and general building fittings;
  • maintenance and care of all horticultural plantings, lawns, sports fields and pathways, litter and graffiti removals;
  • managing transport and room bookings;
  • cleaning of buildings;
  • removal of garbage;
  • movement of furniture and equipment;
  • event set-up (e.g. graduation, exams);
  • minor new work requested and paid for by University faculties/departments/sections.

The Department categorises and responds to maintenance work as:

  • Unplanned/Urgent. These are breakdowns, repairs and emergency work such as electrical, plumbing or carpentry.
  • Medium works.  These involve the renovation and some refurbishment work which includes our trades team of joinery, electrical, plumbing and mechanical staff. This is generally undertaken during the semester breaks and outside normal University hours.
  • Preventative maintenance. This is generally done to comply with the OHS and Building standards and to conduct routine maintenance.

Priority of Unplanned Maintenance

  • Urgent.  These are requests that have or will cause damage or are an OHS issue and are acted upon immediately.
  • High.  These are requests that will disrupt teaching or administration and are actioned within 24 hours.
  • Low.  These are requests that have been acknowledged as needing resolution and will be attended to in order of receipt and actioned as resources allow.

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