Counseling Centre

Empower Pacific, a regional organization is here to provide counseling services on campus. Our location is in the same building as the clinic. Please come and see our counselor to make appointment prior to counseling sessions. You could also email empowerpacificcounselor17(at) for appointment. Confidentiality is our priority. You could also go to our webpage to find more about us.

Counseling is:

  • Confidential and time-limited
  • About helping you cope with challenges or choices
  • About making decisions
  • About making changes in yourself and your life
  • About coping with strong or negative feelings

Counselor will:

  • Give information
  • Listen to you carefully
  • Deal with your difficulties from your point of view
  • Work out with you what you’re coming to counseling for
  • Offer you appointments for as long as you think counseling is needed

Counseling is not:

  • Compulsory
  • Something you have to do because someone else told you to
  • About coming for a social or casual visit
  • Only about problems that affect your academic/personal progress

Counselor will not:

  • Give you advice
  • Tell you what or what not to do but will help you reach your own decisions
  • Judge you
  • Mix with you socially
  • Discuss your problems with you outside of the Counselling Centre.
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