Lab Rules

  1. Only current USP staff and students may use the computer labs. Users should be able to produce valid identification upon request.
  2. No smoking, eating or drinking in the labs. Keep the labs clean. Discard any unwanted printouts in the rubbish bins.
  3. Regularly check all your external storage devices for viruses.
  4. Back up your work regularly on your own storage device (not the hard disk).
  5. No meddling, deleting or alteration of any software, hardware or their settings that may affect the Emalus Campus network and members of the Emalus Campus community in any way.
  6. Copying of software licensed to USP is illegal except for software from the public domain drive and those programs approved by the lecturer concerned. Users are reminded to respect the terms and conditions of the shareware software found on any public drive.
  7. Lab and computer equipment and supplies are not to be abused or misused in any way. This includes using good, clean printing sheets as scrap paper.
  8. Games and software used for non-academic purposes are prohibited. Only software approved by IT Services may be used in the computer labs.
  9. The Student Lab Assistant (SLA) can only assist users with minor software and hardware problems, such as starting a program, saving, printing, exiting programs, and to clean drives and viruses.
  10. Safeguard your email account from possible hackers. Observe the rules and regulations of email usage, which include:
  • Only valid USP students & staff can have email accounts.
  • Users should not send junk/rude/offense/racist/sexist/abusive mail.
  • Users should delete unnecessary messages in their account.
  • Users should not use other user’s accounts without authorization.
  • Users should not attempt to circumvent the security and privacy features of the systems.
  • Users should keep a personal record of their used email addresses.
  • Users should not reveal his/her password to anyone.
  • Your email account will be terminated at the end of the semester or at the discretion of the University Information Technology Services.

Lab users who fail to observe the above rules may face the Student or Staff Disciplinary Committee.

Media Player Entertainment

Students are hereby warned to use headphones when playing audio files in the labs. Any student found using PC in-built speakers and disregarding other users in the lab will be referred to the Student Development Committee to take further action with recommendations of the maximum penalty. All students are also requested to take note of other rules and regulations that IT Services has posted up on notice boards in all labs. Students found to be breaching these lab rules will face the same consequences as above.

Report an Offender

Students are hereby requested to notify ITS if they witness others students who breach the rules and regulations of our computer labs. Please email the date, time, lab number, the number of the PC used by the offender and any other details the details to the Helpdesk.

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