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This Handbook and Calendar is the University’s document of authority. The information contained in it is correct at the time of printing but the University reserves the right to change its statutes, regulations, policies, procedures, programmes, courses and any other contents of this Handbook and Calendar at any time. The online version of the Handbook and Calendar is the most current version of the Handbook and Calendar. In particular, the University reserves the right to cancel a course on the basis of insufficient enrolments or unavailability of staff. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all new statutes, regulations, policies and procedures printed in this Handbook and Calendar are effective from 1 January 2022, and supersede those in any prior publication or correspondence.

Students will have their eligibility for conferment or award of a qualification assessed on the basis of the relevant regulations stated in the Handbook and Calendar published in their first year of enrolment in that qualification. However, if the regulations have changed since the student first enrolled for the qualification, Senate may decide, in individual cases, to vary or waive particular requirements. Students who are uncertain about whether courses passed under previous requirements will meet current requirements should consult the relevant academic advisor within their school.

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The USP 2022 Handbook and Calendar was produced by The University of the South Pacific Handbook and Calendar Committee.

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