Office of DVC Education

Student Grievances

Things do not always go as we expect or hope. We do need fair and transparent processes for students to raise legitimate complaints about teaching, courses, staff, resources, and so on. The University Senate thus approved the Student Grievance Policy & Procedures, administered by the Office of DVC Education. Any student grievance about decisions, facilities and so on, must now be made in accordance with this Policy. A student grievance email address student_grievance(at) is provided, and is managed by the Office of DVC Education.

The Student Administrative Services (SAS) provides a regular report of student grievances to the Teaching Quality Committee. This allows the University to maintain a register of complaints and to consider these at a global level, to identity areas of needed improvement. This allowed, for example, the development and implementation of the Academic Advice Framework, and implementation of the Framework, resulted in a substantial reduction in complaints about academic advice. The Staff Forum and Student Forum also allow students and staff to raise issues with the Vice-Chancellor directly and publically.