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USP Lautoka Student Receives a Certificate of Excellence in His First Year at the University

Freshman year at the university may seem daunting, however that should not deter students from achieving high grades or awards. USP Lautoka’s student Kishan Chandra was awarded the Certificate of Excellence for the Most Outstanding First Year Student in Information System for 2017 at the regional level by USP’s Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment (FSTE).

The 19 year undergraduate student from Ba scored the highest distinction grades in Information System units on his first year at the university. He was awarded $500 cash with the Certificate of Excellence at USP’s Laucala Campus on February 2018.  

Chandra, who is currently an IT intern and 2nd year student at USP Lautoka, said that although the first year journey being away from home and family and experiencing a new environment had its challenges, he maintained a balance in his social life, studies and work.  It is this belief and discipline that earned him such outstanding grades in his first year.

“Doing well in my first year has opened up so many doors that will help me in my second year and in my career too,” said Chandra.

The brilliant yet humble and soft spoken student always searches for the positive and brighter side to everything, be it professional, studies or personal experiences. He said for instance, that while a lot of students might dread the idea of heading back to university after a long summer break, they should focus on the brighter side. 

The thought of reuniting with friends at the university and the prospect of making new friends and having new experiences could lift their spirits he said. “You could be excited about a certain subject or specialization or at the very least, each week you spend studying brings you one step closer to graduation and your chosen career.”

To be successful students, you should surround yourselves with people who will motivate you said Chandra. 

“On the flipside, surrounding yourself with people who are too intense can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. A group of like-minded study mates can help keep you motivated throughout the semester, especially when you can combine study with socializing.”

Chandra’s father, who is in the IT profession, is his biggest motivator and the reason why he chose this field of study.  Chandra said he hopes to complete his Post Graduate Studies with USP and find a suitable job in the same university, preferably a teaching opportunity.

USP Lautoka Campus Director, Dr. Pramila Devi said she was proud of Chandra’s achievements which she said should help motivate other students to begin their first year at the university on a positive note.

Challenges are good as they help you become more aware of yourselves and your potentials and we at USP Lautoka always motivate our students to aim for the best said Dr. Devi. 

Dr. Devi said USP Lautoka Campus has been producing high, outstanding academic achievers every year and she hoped the numbers will improve in future.

Professor M.G.M Khan of the School of Computing Info & Maths presenting the award and certificate to Kishan Chandra

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