Introduction - JPacS Speacial Issue

Guest Editors: Alessio Cangiano and Andreea R. Torre

The last decades have witnessed a global surge of interest in the developmental impact of migration and mobility. A growing body of research has shed new light on the nature of the migration-development nexus, with emerging evidence showing a positive impact of migration on poverty reduction in migrant sending countries (e.g. Nyberg-Sørensen et al., 2002). The rising awareness of the development potential of migration has also reached policy arenas, counterbalancing long-established – and still motivated – concerns about the negative impact of the loss of skilled professionals (Newland, 2013). Analysis of the development outcomes of migration has also moved beyond the economic impact of labour mobility and remittances, considering the broader social implications of mobility processes and recognising their highly gendered connotation (e.g. Piper 2009)…

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