Volume 41, Issue 2, 2021


Special Edition on COVID-19

This issue is a Special Edition on COVID-19 and is in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.


Research articles

Investigating Asymmetry in Tourism and Growth Relationship in the Pacific Island Countries: Any Lessons for Policy Makers?
Keshmeer Makun (Email: keshmeer.e.makun@usp.ac.fj) and T. K. Jayaraman
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Urban Fijian Indigenous Families’ Positive and Negative Diet, Eating and Food Purchasing Experiences During the COVID 19 Safety Protocols
Shazna M. Buksh (Email: shazna.buksh@usp.ac.fj), Phillipa Hay and John B.F. de Wit
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We Are All in This Together: Evaluating Human Rights Restrictions in Selected Pacific Island Countries During Pandemic
Milla Vaha (Email: milla.vaha@usp.ac.fj)
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Volume 41, Issue 1, 2021

This issue is in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.

Research articles

Developing Graduate Capabilities Beyond Technical Competence – Do Undergraduate Accounting Programmes Provide Adequate Support for the Workplace?
Sandhiya Roy (Email: sandhiyar@unifiji.ac.fj)
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Higher Education and the Indigenous Language and Culture: Samoanisation of the National University of Samoa
Eric Clem Groves (Email: ericclemg@gmail.com) and Matiu Matavai Tautunu
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The Impact of HIV/AIDS-Related Stigma, HIV Transmission Knowledge, and Gender on Familial Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Implications for the “Test and Treat” Intervention in Fiji
Author: Shazna M. Buksh (Email: shazna.buksh@usp.ac.fj)
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An Empirical Study on Client-induced Valuation Bias – Evidence from Fiji
Authors: Eroni Batikawai (Email: eroni.batikawai@usp.ac.fj) and Asenaca Nawaqalevu
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Book Review

Making Law in Papua New Guinea | By Bruce L. Ottley, David Weisbrot, and Jean G. Zorn
Gaurav Shukla (email: gaurav.shukla@usp.ac.fj)
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