A comparative study of stress amongst teachers of the western division in Fiji

Author: Mohammad Ahsan


Stress is an unavoidable aspect of modern life and can have serious effects on one’s health and performance. There is an absence of empirical research and literature regarding stress amongst teachers in Fiji. As such, there is an important need for basic research on teacher stress to be carried out in Fiji. The aim of this study was to investigate stress amongst school teachers.Fifty one teachers from the western division of Fiji were selected for this study. The Teacher Work Stress Inventory of G. J. Boyle et al. was used to measure teacher stress. Data was analysed using the IBM SPSS 21. Percentages, means, standard deviations, and t-test were used to describe the data. On the basis of data analysis, the study revealed that female, married, urban, i-Taukei, and secondary school teachers have more stress than their counter parts. It was also noted that all teachers at some point or the other experience different levels of stress, weather moderate, mild or extreme.

Keywords: Stress, Gender, Ethnicity, Dependants and School Teachers.

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