Fiji Kava: Production, Trade, Role and Challenges

Author: Manoranjan Mohanty (Email:


Like any other Small Island Developing State (SIDS), Fiji has limited entrepreneurial opportunities. However, these countries have some unique high value niche products that have attracted global attention. Among the limited niche products in Fiji, kava (Piper methysticum) known as ‘yaqona’ or ‘grog’, is a popular agricultural and industrial product. Kava is not only a traditional, ceremonial and social drink in Fiji, but also a product that contributes to social and economic development through export and foreign exchange earnings and provides employment, and livelihoods, and alleviates poverty. As a beverage and pharmaceutical product, Fiji kava is increasing its importance nationally and internationally.

The paper analyzes kava in Fiji as an entrepreneurial and business product, its trends in production, trade, ‘niche market’, growth potential, its role, and also explores the issues and challenges associated with kava in Fiji.

Keywords: kava; kava trade; kava production; niche product; yaqona

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