Confucius Institute - Organisation & Management Structure


Under the guidance of the Board of Advisor, the Directors will be responsible for the healthy operations and sustainable development of the Confucius Institute at USP.

As one of the Standing Committee Members of the National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference and the Director of Beijing Jintai Art Museum, Professor Yuan Xikun, who donated the statue of Confucius, is the Honorary Chair of the Board of Advisors of the Confucius Institute.

The Chair/Vice-Chair will take turns to chair the Board of Advisors.


  • Professor Pal AHLUWALIA: Vice-Chancellor and President of USP (Chairman)
  • Professor XU Kun: Vice President of BUPT (Vice-Chairman)
  • Professor Sudesh MISHRA: Head of School of Language, Arts and Media, USP
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships, Advancement & Communications, USP
  • Dr. Akanisi KEDRAYATE: Local Director of CI – USP.
  • Ms. Joan YEE: Consultants for CI-USP
  • Professor MA Huadong: Executive Dean of Institute of Network Technology, BUPT
  • Professor JING Xiaojun: Director of International Office
  • Dr. YANG Hui: Chinese Director of the CI-USP
  • Ms. XIAO Ni: Chairwoman of School of Humanities
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