Prof. Sudesh Mishra

Position title: Professor of Literary Studies

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Phone #: +679 323 2798

Qualifications: PhD (Flinders)

Expertise: Diaspora Studies; Global South Studies; Creative Research (Poetry)


Sudesh Mishra is a global authority in the field of diaspora studies and his monograph, Diaspora Criticism, is widely cited and taught in many universities.  Sudesh contributed a chapter entitled ‘The Global South: Modernity and Exceptionality’ to The Global South and Literature (Cambridge UP, 2018), and another entitled ‘Narrating the South Asian Diaspora,’ to volume 10 of the Oxford History of the Novel in English (Oxford UP, 2019).  His fifth volume of poetry, The Lives of Coat Hangers, appeared with Otago UP in 2016.  More recently, a chapter entitled ‘Kidnapped by a Band of Western Philosophers,’ featured in New Oceania: Modernism and Modernity in the Pacific (Routledge, 2020) and he contributed a commissioned chapter on the actress Helen to Indian Film Stars (British Film Institute and Bloomsbury, 2020).  A short dispatch on the Covid-19 situation in Suva appeared in Harvard Review, May 25, 2020.  Professor Mishra is happy to supervise projects in any of the following areas: Diaspora Studies; Global South Studies; Creative Research (Poetry); Hindi Cinema since 1947; Subaltern Studies and Minor History; Commodities in Literature; and Climate Change and Literature.

Fellowships and Awards: 

Erskine Canterbury Fellowship (University of Canterbury, 2019)

Sir Kamisese Mara Fellowship (University of Otago, 2018)

Hari Jones Memorial Prize for Poetry

Publications & Presentations:

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