‘Oceania is one of the richest storehouses of oral traditions in the world. Story-telling, oratory, and poetry, developed over hundreds of years, are highly developed and valued skills, which are now finding new expression in a written literature’ – Albert Wendt





The study of Literature unlocks the finest writing of our region and beyond. When you study Literature with us you will explore a range of genres, from novels to films, short stories to plays, poetry to music. You will not only read and debate the meaning of texts, you will learn to question the act of reading itself. Who creates the meaning of a poem – the author or the reader? Can you read a novel without understanding its context? What secret cultural, psychological or political messages do literary works conceal?

Joining one of our Literature programmes, you will get to read and analyse texts from all over the world. As part of the university’s aim to foster Pacific consciousness, every one of our Literature courses includes a substantial number of texts from the Oceania region.

You can study Literature as a single major, or a double major. You can combine it with Linguistics in the form of Literature and Language, or you can study it as the teaching subject component of your Education degree.

Literature graduates find employment as teachers, writers, editors, broadcasters, civil society advocates, diplomats, interpreters, journalists, academics, politicians, designers, proof-readers, directors, rights activists and public intellectuals.  Many work for respected regional and international agencies based here and abroad.

Creativity is an indispensable component in the new media technologies and our graduates are the leading lights in this sector.

Turn your passion into a lifelong career.    

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