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Suva is the bustling capital city of the Fiji Islands.  Located on the southeastern coast of the main island of Viti Levu, Suva is the administrative and political centre of the country.   It is one of the South Pacific’s largest and most sophisticated cities home to the main campus of USP, the Fiji Museum, interesting colonial buildings and a major port.  Suva is a very multicultural city which is reflected by the different mosques, churches, temples and cultural centres.  There are many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, nightclubs and even a large cinema complex where all the latest movies from Hollywood and Bollywood are shown.  There is a wide variety of shopping available from the Flea and Handicraft Market where you can find beautiful local crafts and wares to stores like Jacks Handicrafts and Tappoos which sell internationally recognized brands.


USP has some living quarters available on Laucala Campus in Suva for transitional housing.   Subject to availability, new staff are eligible to reside in the University housing at normal applicable rental for up to four months.  This allows the employee the time to find affordable and appropriate accommodation for their living requirements.

Upon arrival at USP, the University will find temporary accommodation for all new staff coming from outside of Suva.  If all the University housing is full, then appropriate accommodation will be found in a hotel, apartment or homestay in the area.

New staff arriving from outside of Suva will be given an appointment allowance upon arrival to pay for their accommodation, assist them in finding accommodation and other expenses.  The amount will vary depending on whether the staff member is coming from within Fiji or from overseas and whether is single, married or with dependents.

Rental Market in Suva

One, two, three and four plus bedrooms in houses/flats/apartments are available for rent around the city of Suva.  They can be both furnished and unfurnished, but the availability fluctuates throughout the year.  Two and three bedrooms seem to be the most common.  The cost of rent varies depending on size, location and quality.

  • Furnished housing usually comes with:
    • A bed in each bedroom with closet
    • A 3 piece settee and a coffee table
    • Dining table and chairs
    • Stove and refrigerator
    • Screens and Curtains

The following websites are for real estate agents located in Fiji:






As a staff member of USP, you will be entitled to medical coverage by medical officers appointed by the University.  This includes surgical operations and prescriptions or any treatment administered through the government facilities.  This will not cover dental or optical treatment, although emergency cases may be considered.

If a staff member prefers treatment by a registered private medical practitioner, the University will only cover the equivalent of that charged by the University Medical Officers.

Family members will not be entitled to the free medical coverage.  You may want to look into private health coverge for your family.  There is one government hospital and one private hospital in Suva.  There are also other  medical clinics which have both local and overseas doctors.


USP provides an education allowance of $80 for primary level and $180 for secondary level per child per annum.  There are many preschool,  primary and secondary schools in Suva and the surrounding areas.  Currently, there are five different types of schools:

  • Government funded
  • Community based
  • Church based – i.e. Methodist, Catholic, Muslim, Anglican etc
  • Private – i.e.: Suva International School and Suva Christian School.  Private schools do not follow the government curriculum; they follow an overseas curriculum.
  • Pre-schools/childcare – USP has a preschool/kindy program that is located right on campus.  There are several other programs in the area as well for children of a pre-school age.

You can receive a list of schools and receive more information by contacting the Ministry of Education at http://www.education.gov.fj/ or by contacting the specific school.


Besides eating at one of the many international restaurants or coffee shops, there are many other things to do in Suva.  You may want to take some courses or start some new hobbies to meet new people.  Some examples of things you can do are:

  • Continuing education courses
  • Fitness centre on campus has a gym, 2 tennis courts, a squash court
  • Gyms – there are several other gyms in and around the city
  • Aerobics classes – Weekday mornings at USP gym; all day at Hyundai Gym
  • Swimming – USP has a 25m pool on campus and there are several others pools including at the national stadium and in town including the National Acquatic Centre.
  • Tennis – several clubs around the city; also a USP tennis club
  • Rugby leagues
  • Yoga – offered at different locales i.e. Girl Guides, Indian cultural centre and Hyundai Centre has yogalates.  It’s a combination of both.
  • Paddling clubs – Suva Yacht Club, Suva Point
  • Language courses – Alliance Francaise offers French, Fijian, Hindi and Japanese at all levels
  • Martial arts classes
  • Latin Dance classes
  • Velocity biking club – organized bike trips around Suva, Nausori and Pacific Harbour
  • International Women’s Group – they usually have an event every month
  • Rucksak Club – A group of expats who plan weekend and day trips around Fiji.  The group meets the first Wednesday of each month at St. Andrews Church on Goodenough Street.
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