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There are many factors that one must consider when deciding to move to another country, on both a professional and personal basis. Getting feedback from close family and friends is important, but we at USP want to assist you as well.  Hopefully. you will find on these pages useful and practical information on the University, Suva and Fiji to help you make the best decision.

This section provides some information on what to think about when relocating to a new country. It is an important decision and whether you are coming alone or with a family, it is better to be as informed as possible. The following are some basic factors to consider:

  • Immigration – As a staff member of the University, you will receive a work visa for a maximum of three years as well as a resident visa for the time that you are in Fiji.  The University will also take care of residency visas for a spouse and up to four children.  Spouses are entitled to work only if they are also sponsored by an employer and granted a work visa.  For immigration purposes, you are required to send (and for each family member):
    • Work visa Application
    • Police report
    • Medical report
    • 3 passport photos
  • Superannuation – The University contribues 10% to employee superannuation.  In Fiji, superannuation is managed by the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF), which requires an 8% contribution from employees.  Alternatively, expatriate staff have the option of making their superannuation contributions to a government approved scheme overseas.  Staff who contribute to the local FNPF are able to withdraw their funds when they cease working for the University and return to their home countries.
  • Regional news – To learn more about overall issues in Fiji, you can visit the Fiji Government Online Portal – or read the Fiji Sun newspaper online daily –

  • Weather – Fiji has a tropical climate.  The summer is from November to April and is usually hot and humid.  Temperatures can rise to as high as 32 to 35 degrees C.  The winter months from May to October are much cooler and less humid.  Temperatures are usually around 27 degrees C in the day and close to 19 degrees at night.

  • Health  – Fiji is free from malaria, yellow fever and major tropical diseases that are endemic to most tropical countries.  Yellow fever and cholera vaccinations are only required if coming from an infected area as designated by the World Health Organization.  Yellow Fever vaccination certificates are required for travelers over 1 year of age coming from an infected area.  Vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B and for Typhoid fever is recommended.  To get the most accurate information, visit your doctor.  The Ministry of Health website is:
  • Quarantine i.e. pets
    A permit is required for the importation of dogs, cats or any live animal to Fiji.  Upon arrival, the animal needs to be kept in quarantine.  The length of quarantine depends on the country of origin.
    Further enquiries re: the importation of animals can be made to: Director of Animal Health and Production, GPO box 15829, Suva, Fiji – (679) 3315 327

  • For more information– A good source for information about Fiji is The Lonely Planet – Fiji.  The latest edition is for 2003.  Also, websites you can look at include: (South Pacific Tourism Organization)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) :

Q – If I am not a Fijian citizen, can I still apply?
A – It will state in the job advertisement whether you need to be a Fiji citizien or whether they will accept applications from non citizens.

Q – Will the University sponsor my visa application?
A – If you accept the position, the University will sponsor your work visa application and those of your family as well (up to four children).

Q – Where can I find out what visas I will need?
A – The University will take care of the visa application process.  They will send you the particular forms to fill out and you are just required to complete and return them to us.

Q – How long will it take to process the necessary visas?
A – Once immigration has the visa application, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to process.

Q – Will the University offer relocation assistance?
A – Yes, the University will offer relocation assistance for those people in senior positions that are coming from overseas or coming from outside Suva.  It will cover airfare and the shipment of personal items up to 10 cubic metres. Upon completion of a contract, the University will also cover the cost to return home.  Also, an appointments allowance will be given upon arrival – $2,500 for a single person, $3,000 for a couple and $3,500 for a family for those coming from overseas.  For Fiji citizens coming from outside of Suva, they will also receive an appointments allowance of $500 less than those listed above.

Q – What about housing?  How will I find a place to live?
A – Upon arrival, the University will set you up in temporary housing and assist you in finding long term housing.  See the ‘About Suva’ section for more information on housing.

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