Calendar of Events - International Students

 2023 Semester 1 Semester 2
Orientation Week Monday, 6th – Friday, 10th February & Saturday, 18th February Monday 10th – 14th July &                                      Saturday, 22nd July

Arrival of Students

Information Session

Registration & City Tour

Welcome Reception

Village Excursion

Monday, 6th – Tuesday, 7th February

Wednesday 8th February

Thursday, 9th – Friday, 10th February

Friday, 10th February

Saturday, 18th February

Monday, 10th – Tuesday, 1th July

Wednesday, 12th July

Thursday, 13th – Friday, 14th July

Friday, 14th July

Saturday, 22nd July

Online Orientation day for international students Friday, 3rd February Friday, 7th July
Lectures commence and Invoices available on SOLS Monday, 13th February Monday, 17th July
Last day to add course Friday, 24th February Friday, 28th July
Focus Group 1 (F2F) Wednesday, 1st March Wednesday, 2nd August
Deadline for dropping courses without incurring any tuition fee


Friday, 3rd March Friday, 4th August
Deadline for tuition fees Friday, 10th March Friday, 11th August
PAC-TAFE Deadline for tuition fees Friday, 24th March Friday, 25th August
IO Community Outreach Saturday, 25th March Saturday, 19th August
Laucala Campus Graduation April September
Mid-Semester Break Saturday, 1st– Sunday, 9th April Saturday, 2nd – Sunday, 10th September
IO Fun Day (Sports Day) Saturday, 22nd April Saturday, 16th September
Semester End Focus Group  Wednesday, 17th May Wednesday, 4th October
Last of Lectures Friday, 26th May Friday, 27th October
Deadline for students to withdraw from courses they do not wish to be assessed in Friday, 2nd June Friday, 3rd November
Study/Examination Weeks Monday, 5th – Friday, 16th June Monday, 6th – Friday, 17th November
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