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Programme Description for Study Abroad and Exchange Students;

If you are a Study Abroad or Exchange student, please follow the instructions to choose your course.


  • As a Study Abroad or Exchange student, you can only take up to 4 courses each semester.
  • Please select your courses from the USP Handbook & Calendar
  • You are not permitted to take Preliminary and Foundation courses. Any courses where the third alphabet is ‘P’ or ‘F’ means they are a Preliminary or Foundation courses, for example, LLF11, SOP Any courses where the codes 400, 600, 700 or 800 are Graduate courses, for example, ED700, TS700, PA800, etc.
  • Different modes of Delivery are as follows:
  1. Face to face (F) – offered on face to face mode with at least two hours of lectures per week and face to face tutorials during the semester of offer.
  1. Print (P) – offered on Print mode. These courses do not offer weekly lectures and face to face tutorials during the semester of offer.
  1. Blended Mode (B) – offered on blended mode and blends online and face to face delivery. Furthermore, a blended course is one where a substantial proportion of the content that is 30-79% is delivered online. Typically uses online discussion and has some face to face interaction between student and lecturer or tutor.
  2. Online (O) – offered as an online course where most of the content is delivered online and typically has no face to face meetings, that is, 80% is offered in the online mode
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