Short Courses

Students, universities and institutions are able to also study at USP through the Short Course programmes. There are two types of short courses offered at USP:


Offered during summer and winter breaks (between semesters) for a few weeks as full day programmes, Flexi-Schools provide the same hours required to fulfill the semester based courses. Not all programmes and courses are offered as a Flexi-course but the assignment and contact hour requirements need to be met.

Note: Flexi-Schools are offered on the basis of demand, and so they do not appear in the USP Handbook & Calendar.

Request for flexi school programme or enquire on courses offered during the next flexi school can be made by emailing:


A study tour is a tailored short course programme based on the themes or topics that are of interest to the visiting institution/ group. The study tour can be conducted for a duration of 1 to 10 weeks. Study tours for over 2 weeks can include an internship programme. (Minimum internship programmes are 2 weeks with local organizations, based on availability).

The study tour is offered in three fold including:

  1. ACADEMIC: students engage in lectures and discussions within the class.
  2. FIELD VISIT: students travel out into the community and engage with organizations, grassroots community and relevant stakeholders.
  3. CULTURAL EXPERIENCE: students are taken to the local community and engage with Pacific students and communities to experience the Pacific culture.

Each study tour is designed in conjunction with the visiting university, schools and department representatives; local and regional agencies as well as Masters and PhD candidates conducting research in the area.

The aim is to give the students a holistic experience during this programme.

NOTES for visiting Institutions and Organizations:
In order to conduct a Short Course we ensure that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is in place. If one already exists between your organization and USP we develop a Letter of Agreement for the Short Course to commence. If an MoU does not exist, one is developed and signed on for 3-5 years including room for research, staff & student exchange/ mobility, study tours and information sharing.

Further to the Letter of Agreement, a programme for the study tour will be designed in consultation with relevant stakeholders and a budget proposed. Payments need to made prior to the Study Tour commencement date.

Relevant visas need to be obtained and confirmed prior to the Study Tour traveling for the proposed programme.

Given the current global pandemic, virtual Short Courses can also be designed for delivery using online modes.

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