USP Nauru Graduation Award Ceremony 2021


USP Nauru campus held its graduation award ceremony on the 29th of June 2021. There were 16 graduates altogether who have successfully completed their study programs, from Pacific TAFE and USP programs. It was a special event as the University had the privilege of having both the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor presenting these certificates.

The President of Nauru H.E Lionel Aingimea was adamant about the importance of their studies and to further pursue more academically. “Your achievements are truly remarkable, and we have so much to celebrate together as a Universi-ty, and as a nation, most especially for having achieved what you have in a year where a global pandemic has wreaked havoc”. (The Government of the Republic of Nauru, June 29th)

Vice Chancellor and President of USP Professor Pal Ahluwalia says being in Nauru has amplified his perception on struggles students face at this University. “It’s such a testament to your resilience that you are where you are today. It’s much easier for people elsewhere” (The Government of the Republic of Nauru, June 29th). He added, the University has set up new strategic plans to help improve regional campuses.

Sixteen graduates received their certificates, nine TAFE and seven USP. Graduates Edina Dagagio and Francilia Akubor shared their inspirational stories and what gave them the motivation to continue their studies as a single parent and a young mother. Being a single parent and raising six children, Miss Dagagio while studying raised her kids and enrolled as a private student by working as a security guard and a part time tutor. It was not easy but through her perseverance she is now a student counsellor and welfare officer at Nauru Secondary School. Miss Akubor a young mom shared having a baby at her teens did not stop her from furthering her studies and having enrolled in a mature-aged institute in Fiji that directly led to her USP journey and successfully graduating with a Postgraduate Diploma.

This ceremony is a testament that Education knows no barriers. This is a great motivator for many, the sky is the limit. Students from different upbringing and backgrounds will celebrate the sweat and tears that have been sacrificed during their studies. These students worked ten times harder as regional campus are limited to accessible resource provided by the University. These graduates will leave today not only with a sigh of relief but with more confidence in themselves and aspire for greater outcomes in life.

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