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Training and Tutorials

This page provides access to Google Apps training and tutorials as well as Quick Reference Guides to ensure students are able to make the most of their Google Apps account. Google provides a variety of tools to help you learn how to use each part of the Google Apps suite at the University of the South Pacific

         Student Email (Gmail)
         Google Talk (Chat)
         Google Calendar

Supported Browsers

The following browsers are preferred, Google Apps may work with older browsers but not all features will be available:

         Internet Explorer 10
         Firefox 5.0 and later
         Safari 5.1.10 and later
         Google Chrome

There were recurring problems with IE7 for holders of commercial Gmail accounts as well as Google Applications users (across the globe) as reported in the Google Knowledge Base. The issues are related to logging in, blank screens, eternal loops and constant refreshes of browser windows. The workstations in the student labs have been upgraded to the latest versions. Personal laptops and workstations used by students on campus or at home will not have the same configuration applied.

Google Apps Overview

Google Apps consists of collaboration tools and includes Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Docs, Site and a Start page. USP is implementing only a sub set of Google Apps:

         Chat (Google Talk)

Other applications in the Google Apps suite of products may be implemented in the near future.

Google Apps overview presentation (6 Minutes Training Video)

Gmail Training

Gmail training presentation                     

6 Minutes Training Video

Getting Started with Email                    

Detailed FAQ

Labels and Filters                                 

5 Minutes Training Video

Google Talk Training (Chat)

Google Talk training presentation          

9 Minutes Training Video

Getting Started with Chat                     

Detailed FAQ 

Google Calendar Training

Google Calendar training presentation   

9 Minutes Training Video

Calendar Features                                

Detailed FAQ

What's New in Calendar                      

New Features

Other Google Apps features

         PDA Setup 

Mobile Phone Setup                  

Detailed FAQ


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Where to go for additional assistance?

Google has a significant amount of How To documents and FAQs in the Google Apps Help Centre.  

You may also request additional assistance from the IT Services Helpdesk.

IT Support Contacts

Call: +679 323 2117

Email: helpdesk(at)

Web: Submit a help request


Staff & Students

  • Call +679 3232117
    Between 8am - 8:00pm
    Monday to Friday
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