Values, Code of Ethics and Practice

We maintain a strict code of practice on confidentiality and other ethical principles such as all information and the identity of our clients will be kept confidential. Information will not be disclosed without the client’s permission.

Exemptions to confidentiality applies to the following:

  1. When a person may cause self harm or to others
  2. When the justice courts requests for the person’s information
  3. In the event of illegal activities such as drugs, abortion etc
  4. Sexual abuse – rape, incest, etc
  5. Information on mental illness and other medical conditions, which will need to be passed onto other departments for e.g. Halls, permission from the student will be sought. If this is not possible, counsellor will confer with colleagues and apply their professional judgement.

USP Counselling Code of Ethics and Practice ( View Online || Download) (size: 471KB)

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