Volume 2, 1998


Journal Articles 


A Trustee’s Borrowing Power

Author: Robert Hughes


Vanuatu’s Accession to the WTO and the WIPO – A Reflection on Patent and Pharmaceutical Technology

Author: Mohammed Ahmadu


Environmental Protection in the Age of Economics – The Niue Experience

Author: Nena Hicks


The Relationship Between The Constitution Amendment Act 1997 and the International Instruments on the Rights of Women and Children

Author: Caren Wickliffe


Working Papers


The Control of Fishing Resources in the Federated States of Micronesia

Author: Marstella Jack



The Constitutional Implications of the Yap State Excise Act in the Constitutional Structure of the Federated States of Micronesia

Author: Victor Nabeyan



Labour and Employment Conditions in Export Processing Zones A Socio-Legal Analysis on South Asia and South Pacific

Author: Mohammed Ahmadu



An Introduction to Policing in the South Pacific Region

Author: Tess Newton



Off-Shore Banking, a Legal Fabrication for Money Laundering – A Critique of the Legal Framework of the Western Samoa Off-Shore Finance Center

Author: Mareva Betham-Annandale



The Tax Haven Industry of Vanuatu – The Costs and the Benefits of the Industry

Author: Renee Lal




Book Reviews 


Book Review: Judicial Studies Board Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases (Blackstone Press, London, 1996)

Reviewer: Jennifer Corrin-Care


Book Review: Butterworths Australian Criminal Law Dictionary (Butterworths, North Ryde, 1997)

Reviewer: Tess Newton


Book Review: Macadam & Pyke, Judicial Reasoning and the Doctrine of Precedent in Australia (Butterworths, Sydney, 1998)

Reviewer: Robert Hughes



Book Review: A.L. Tyree, Sale of Goods (Butterworths, Australia)

Reviewer: Mohamed Ahmadu



Book Review: Aronson & Hunter, Litigation Evidence and Procedure (Butterworths Australia, 6th ed, 1998)

Reviewer: Susan Bothmann



Book Review: P. Nygh & P. Butt, Butterworths Concise Australian Legal Dictionary (Butterworths  Australia, 1997) 

Reviewer: Peter Murgatroyd



Book Review: I. Jalal, Law for Pacific Women – A Legal Rights Handbook (Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, Suva, 1998)

Reviewer: Nena Hicks



Book Review: S. Offei, Law of Torts in the South Pacific (USP IJALS, Suva, 1997)

Reviewer: Anita Jowitt



Book Review: S. Offei, Law of Torts in the South Pacific (USP IJALS, Suva, 1997)

Reviewer: Anita Jowitt



Book Review: A Stuhmcke, Legal Referencing (Butterworths Australia, 1998)

Reviewer: Anita Jowitt



Book Review: A. Toft, Compensation for Resource Development in Papua New Guinea Law Reform Commission of Papua New Guinea

Reviewer: Philippa England



Book Review: M. Ahmadu, The Law of Banking in Fiji (Avon Books, London, 1998)

Reviewer: Robert Hughes



Book Review: S. Colbran, G. Reinhardt, P. Spender, S. Jackson and R. Douglas, Civil Procedure Commentary and Materials (Butterworths Australia, 1998)

Reviewer: Jennifer Corrin Care



Book Review: S. Ross & P. MacFarlane, Lawyers’ Responsibility and Accountability (Butterworths Australia, 1997)

Reviewer: Edward R. Hill



Book Review: G. Palmer & M. Palmer, Bridled power – New Zealand Government under MPP (Oxford University Press, Auckland, 1997)

Reviewer: Robert Early



Book Review: Butterworths Intellectual Property Collection (Butterworths Australia, 1998)

Reviewer: Mohammed Ahmadu



Book Review: G. Bigmore, Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1996 (Butterworths Australia, 1997)

Reviewer: Mohammed Ahmadu




Case Commentaries

Vaioleti v Cross & The Commodities Board (Supreme Court, Tonga, June 1990)

Author: Jennifer Corrin Care


Sundarlal Lallu v Parvati Manilal Lallu Ranchod (Court of Appeal, Fiji, unreported, CAN ABU0053 of 1995)

Author: Jennifer Corrin Care


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