Overview of the USP Community Legal Information Centres

The Community Legal Information Centres (“CLIC”) are an integral part of the Discipline of Law. The CLICs are committed to translating the law and empowering members of the community with a better understanding of the law and the legal system. It aims to assist members of the community who cannot afford private legal advice or representation. The Centre is also a teaching clinic run by Managers who are overseen by an Advisory Committee which consists of three (3) academics of USP Law.

The Emalus and Laucala CLICs open during the University semesters. The CLICs are staffed by final year law students taking the LW391: Law Clinic course, who work as student advisors under the supervision of the Managers. Its client base is currently “drop in clients”, although in the past it did take referrals from the Public Solicitor’s Office. There are no limits on who will be served. LW391 is essentially a course in applied Criminal, Family Law, Estate Law and Civil procedure. Students are trained in legal skills, professional practice and ethics and gain practical experience in a law firm under supervision. LW391 students will interview and take instructions from clients, correspond with other law firms, draft court documents, research and provide information on relevant laws to the public.

Both Centers are fully functioning, and clients can come in to seek law information and assistance with any legal issue they may have.  Students work in teams and are required to interview the client, do legal research and then within 14 days send out a letter with legal solutions.

The CLICs do not provide legal representation, but can assist clients to take their own cases to court. In addition, the CLICs also produce legal literacy material and occasionally run public awareness sessions. The CLICs aim to build a greater link between USP Law and the legal profession, stakeholders and the Vanuatu and Fijian Law Societies. It should be seen as both a beneficial educational tool for the law students of USP and an important legal resource for members of the community.


USP Emalus Community Legal Information Centre | Port-Vila, Vanuatu 

The USP Emalus CLIC is located at the USP Emalus Moot Court. The USP Emalus Community Legal Information Centre is run by 300-level law student advisors under the supervision of the Manager, Ms. Cathy Hite. In addition to providing free legal information and assistance to members of the Port-Vila community, the USP Emalus CLIC has also organised and facilitated public awareness sessions on a variety of topics such as: domestic violence, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights and awareness trainings and cyberbullying.

For further inquiries, please contact the Emalus CLIC Manager: Ms. Cathy Hite 



USP Laucala Community Legal Information Centre | Suva, Fiji 

The USP Laucala Community Legal Information Centre is located at USP Laucala Campus. If you would like to use the free services provided by the USP Laucala CLIC, please send an email to lawclinic.laucala@usp.ac.fj 

For further inquiries, please contact the Laucala CLIC Manager: Ms. Samanunu Vaniqi

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