Volume 22, 2020


Journal Articles 


Revisiting Grassroots Biodiversity Conservation in Pacific Island Countries

Author: Justin Rose



Cyclones, Climate, Pandemics, Sale-of-Passports: New Links for Solidarity in Global & Supra-National Citizenship

Author: Michael Krakat



The Use of Collective Customary Rights to Protect, Preserve and Manage the Environment – Fiji Analysis

Author: Nancy Vosa Tikoisuva




2020 Special Edition: Transnational Security – Regional Integration in the Suppression of the Transnational Crimes of Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering and Transnational Organized Crime 

Introduction to the 2020 Special Edition



European Union Drug Policy – Striving for Balance between Combatting Illegal Supply and Fostering Public Health

Author: Monika Stempkowski



Regional Responses to Drug Trafficking through the South Pacific

Author: Neil Boister



Legal Frameworks to Combat Organised Crime in the Pacific Islands

Author: Andreas Schloenhardt



Student Publications



Climate Change Displacement in Fiji: Legal Landscapes in the Face of Rising Tides 

Author: Briellen Sands



Critical Evaluation on Ecocide as to whether or not it should be a Serious Crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Author: Christopher Tavoa



Case Notes

The Implication of Release and Waiver Clauses in Torts – Clarke v Zip Fiji [2012] FJHC 1207

Authors: Keana Segal and Losana Natuman



State v Dakol: Sorcery and Violence in Papua New Guinea

Author: Georgia Alderton

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