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In the first week of visit to Tuvalu, a research initiative focused on educational development has made significant progress.

The project, spearheaded by our research experts at the Institute of Education, Dr Moale ‘Otunuku and Dr Nilesh Narayan, aims to enhance the quality of education by exploring the potential of talanoa sessions and research tools.

The first week of the visit was marked by productive discussions with the Director and staff of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS). These discussions successfully addressed important tasks, paving the way for further collaboration. Additionally, hands-on training sessions were conducted for MEYS officials and the local research team.

A crucial aspect of the training involved the utilization of research tools, including the time-on-task tool. MEYS staff and the local research team received training on effectively using these tools. To provide practical experience, a mock talanoa session was organized, allowing the research team to practice organizing and facilitating these sessions. The session also served as an opportunity to pilot test talanoa guiding questions and gather real-time data.

A significant portion has been completed in the research training, setting the stage for upcoming activities. This week, hands-on training will focus on conducting classroom observations using the time-on-task tool. Observations will be carried out in one Early Childhood Education (ECE) classroom, two primary classes, and two secondary classes. Simultaneously, the pilot testing of the time-on-task tool will take place, further refining its efficacy in gathering valuable data.

The research initiative continues to advance, with a strong emphasis on practical training, data review, and collaborative efforts. By leveraging the power of talanoa sessions and research tools, the team aims to drive improvements in the educational landscape, ensuring a better learning experience for students.

Stay tuned for further updates on this groundbreaking project as it progresses towards its goals of promoting educational excellence and fostering meaningful dialogue in the education sector.

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