Research & Development

The IoE Research and Development (R&D) Programme carries out applied research for the USP member countries. This is often through the mandates and directives from the regional meetings of Pacific Head of Education Systems (PHES) and the meetings of the Forum Education Ministers Meeting (FEdMM). Sometimes these directives arise through partnership with ministries and departments of education and other development partners in the region.

R&D also delivers development work in the region, often through similar means as the research works above. The IoE has decided to combine the two components of research and development because our philosophy is that development works should be evidence based, and for every undertaking of development work in the region there is a need for a prior exploratory piece of research (for example, environmental scanning) to better understand the specific context that the IoE is entering.

The R&D Programme’s main purposes are to advance ‘research, consultancy, and the provision of services to the regional governments, together with research related to postgraduate teaching in accordance with the University’s Strategic Plan. It must add value to existing academic activities, engagement and outcomes in a manner that cannot be achieved through existing structures such as faculties and schools.

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