Final Phase of GCSL Program in Marshall Islands


The Institute of Education’s Graduate Certificate in School Leadership (GCSL) programme has been making progress in the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) and is in its final phase of delivery. This program is delivered as an in-country project in the RMI through the Improving the Quality of Basic Education (IQBE) in the North Pacific Project, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The programme is currently delivered to the final cohort (Cohort 4), arranged by the RMI Public School System (PSS) of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Training (MOEST) – Marshall Islands. This cohort has completed 4 out of 5 courses in the GCSL program.

Through a blended mode of delivery, combining online and face-to-face interactions, this programme equips education professionals with the necessary skills to drive positive change in the education system.

The GCSL programme offers a diverse leadership course to Cohort 4 participants, with a mix of blended and face-to-face delivery methods. EDP06 and EDP08 courses are delivered through a blended approach, allowing students to engage with the material at their own pace, while EDP05, EDP07, and EDP09 courses are conducted entirely in a face-to-face format, fostering deeper interactions and discussions.

The flexibility of the program’s delivery mode has been a key factor in accommodating various circumstances, including the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.  The face-to-face delivery mode has proven beneficial for participants, providing personalized support through one-on-one interactions and conferences with qualified and experienced lecturers, while the online mode is more advantageous to working participants.

The GCSL program has attracted a diverse group of education leaders, including school principals, vice principals, and experienced teachers who have assumed leadership roles. This diversity enriches the program’s discussions and enables participants to share valuable insights and experiences, further enhancing their learning journey.

The GCSL program focuses on essential leadership domains, including planning professional development, school leadership, school management, enhancing the teaching and learning environment, and fostering community partnerships. By honing these skills, school leaders in the Marshall Islands are equipped to tackle the unique challenges faced by the education system and implement effective strategies to drive positive change. Through the delivery of the GCSL programme, the students are able to enhance leadership capabilities and enrich knowledge, therefore they are able to make a lasting difference in the education landscape, benefiting students, teachers, and communities throughout the nation.

As Cohort 4 progresses, the GCSL programme continues to empower education leaders in the Marshall Islands, building a solid foundation for sustainable development and growth.



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