Tablets to boost learning and teaching


In a bid to improve access to learning and teaching resources on the Waka Moana platform, the Institute of Education (IoE) has distributed 25 tablets to the Tailulu College.

IoE’s Fellow in Mathematics and Research Dr Teukava Finau handed over the tablets to the Principal of Tailulu College, Mr Fononga Finau yesterday. 

These tablets are part of the Waka Moana Project, which the Tailulu College participated in. 

This distribution ensures that the students of Tailulu College can access the Waka Moana online platform to help them with their learning of Mathematics, English and Science.

During the handover, Dr Teukava said the Waka Moana platform had enough teaching and learning resources for teachers and students to use in teaching and learning.

“Tailulu College is one of the schools in Tonga that regularly uses the Waka Moana platform and its contents. Giving out the tablets is not only to be used by the Tailulu’s students and teachers in their learning through the Waka Moana platform, but also is a form of appreciation and giving back to Tailulu for their long support for the IoE and the Waka Moana project,” he said.

This handover has been made possible through IoE’s collaboration with UNESCO and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

The receiving school had participated in piloting the program in 2021, where both teachers and students could use the tablets to access and draw learning resources from the Waka Moana moodle website, the Waka Moana repository, and the Waka Moana offline learning platform.

The Waka Moana Learning platform has been established and designed using the curriculum of the six Pacific Island countries (Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands and Kiribati) in Year 7/Form 1 Mathematics, Science, and English to identify the core common topics among these countries.

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