TESA Numeracy Resources Luva Launch

Faculty of Arts, Law and Education

The culmination of the Tonga Education Support Activity (TESA) project, which started in mid-2019, is set to be commemorated with the launch and the handover of the TESA numeracy resources to the Tonga Ministry of Education and Training.

This launch is a collaboration between the Institute of Education and our donor partner New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).

Scheduled for tomorrow (October 26), this event marks a pivotal moment in the TESA project’s journey towards supporting primary school teachers and principals through resource development in the domains of literacy, numeracy, and school leadership.

During this project, the Institute of Education (IoE) numeracy team worked to develop innovative teaching and learning resources tailored to the specific needs of Tonga’s primary school curriculum. These resources have been meticulously crafted based on extensive evidence collected from classroom observations, national assessment results, and comprehensive workshop evaluations, promise to bring a transformative shift in the way numeracy is taught and learned in Tongan classrooms.

The numeracy resources, contextualized and translated for Tongan classrooms, signify a significant stride towards fostering an engaging and culturally relevant learning environment for the young minds of Tonga.

The development of these resources was a collaborative effort, involving not only the TESA project team but also Dr Pip Arnold of Tui Tuia Learning Circle, UOA, and a team of dedicated primary education officers from the Tonga Ministry of Education.

As the IoE team prepares to pass the baton to the Tonga Ministry of Education and Training, the prevailing sentiment among educators is one of optimism.

The launch of the numeracy resources promises to be a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and a collective commitment to the advancement of education in Tonga.



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