Waka Resource Production

The Institute has been publishing children’s books since 1976, in over 8 Pacific languages. The Institute develops the talents of local writers and artists, and adds the expertise of trained USP educators and linguists to create each of its books. IOE believes it is every Pacific child’s right to read books in languages familiar to them, and enjoy stories which reflect and celebrate their own cultural experiences and values. The current broad classification on levels for Waka Story Books are: Read to me (primarily designed for adults to read to children, particularly those too young to read for themselves (pre-schoolers)); Read with me (primarily designed for emerging and developing readers, to be read with the close assistance of a competent reader); I read (primarily designed for competent and independent readers). Waka Publications encompasses more than just story books.

Publications also include:

  • Posters
  • Alphabet books Non-fiction books and book series
  • Poetry anthologies
  • Other creative works anthologies
  • Shell books (books with illustrations only, for use in spoken and written language development)
  • Photocopy-able blackline master worksheets (for supplementary classroom literacy teaching resources)
  • Colouring in books
  • The Institute welcomes ideas from Pacific ministries, communities, and educators, as to areas of need and resource types for development.

In addition to the Waka Story Books series, IoE’s publications unit publishes the following types of books and resources for adult readers:

  • Edited and peer reviewed academic books on education related matters
  • Educational/instructional books and textbooks
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Instructional and professional development books for teachers
  • Research outputs & technical reports
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