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Associate Professor Awnesh Singh Acting Director 323 2666
Nasoni Roko Finance Assistant 323 2558
Harmindar Kaur Administrative Assistant 323 1097
Cameri Cagilabakoaca Office Attendant
Vacant Postgraduate Officer Vacant Vacant
Associate Professor Antoine Damon N’Yeurt Senior Lecturer 323 2023
Zina Bird Research Fellow (PaCE-SD) 323 2828
Ratu Tevita Rarokolutu Teaching Assistant 323 7161
Wendy Powell Teaching Assistant 323 7162
Jasma Devi Teaching Assistant 323 1598
Dr. Hilda Sakiti Waqa Project Team Leader (POCCA) 323 1089
Jiaoji Sigavata IT Support Officer (POCCA) 323 1735
Dr Luisa Young Research Fellow (POCCA) 323 1727
Jascha Dehm Research Fellow (POCCA) 323 1917
Eliki Drugunalevu Technical Editor/Digital Communications Officer (POCCA) 323 1767
Metuisela Gauna Research Assistant (POCCA) 323 1024
Salote Nasalo Research Assistant (POCCA) 323 1029
Elenoa Ravula Project Coordinator (RERIPA)
Tamarisi Koroijiuta Research Assistant (RERIPA)
Filipe Veisa Research Fellow (Global CFAH) 3232096
Jioje Fesaitu Research Assistant (Global CFAH) 3231640
Post Graduate Lab 323 2189
PhD Room 323 2191
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