RERIPA CALL 2: Capacity Building in Innovation and Valorisation

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The “Capacity building in innovation and valorisation” is a multi-partner project which aims to strengthen innovation capacities of the SIDS stakeholders involved in the Pacific R&I ecosystems at the national and regional level.

The ultimate the goal of this project initiative is to build a regional research framework; create or strengthen new research mechanisms; and work alongside the Pacific Governments to write new academic and research policies.

The means of achieving these outcomes are through:

(i) training of stakeholders, including RERIPA’s partners, Living Labs, students and users on project engineering, open innovation, impact pathway, intellectual property, innovation brokering, digital tools, participatory approaches, to help structure Living Labs and reinforce R&I ecosystems; and

(ii) training innovation “users/beneficiaries” on fostering the adoption/diffusion of innovations within the society.


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