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About the Project

The Pacific Ocean and Climate Crisis Assessment Project (POCCA) project gives voice to Pacific Indigenous knowledge systems and shows how they can coexist with western scientific approaches. The project will provide a Pacific-based assessment by Pacific experts focusing on community-level adaptation and resilience capacity, as well as how information can be incorporated into national and regional climate change policies, projects, and strategies. The data derived from this assessment will help Pacific governments frame policies and will be useful in global negotiations to promote the unique Pacific voices and experiences.

The POCCA project addresses key regional challenges by providing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, multi-methodological, and integrated assessment of climate change, ocean projects, and activities covering 16 Pacific countries.

The three-year project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT), New Zealand co-ventured by the Pacific Center of Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD), the University of the South Pacific (USP) and the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Canterbury (UC).

Project Outputs

Output 1: Pacific Islands Climate & Ocean Assessment: A major assessment report synthesizing scholarly, grey literature and indigenous community knowledge

Output 2: Research papers & policy briefs

Output 3: Digital database: A digital database of resources and research materials, including oral stories and visual materials

Output 4: Interactive Map: An interactive map of community initiatives selected from Pacific Island Countries

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