Welcome to the Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) Project

Who We Are

The Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) Project is an AusAID funded project that operates out of the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PACE-SD) at the University of the South Pacific.

ECCA aims to implement climate change adaptation measures in an integrated manner to vulnerable sectors and internalise climate change adaptation in rural communities of Fiji.

ECCA works on enhancing community awareness on climate change impacts and adaptation, increasing their local capacity to assess and address the impacts of climate change at the community level and to mainstream and internalize adaptation measures at the community level. ECCA also works with the communities to ensure that their coastal zones and water resources are managed effectively and sustainably.

What We Do

The ECCA Project is involved in enhancing climate change adaptation projects in rural communities in Fiji. To date, ECCA has adaptation projects in 12 rural sites that are either complete or in operation. Locations range from Bavu Village in Nadroga to Yadua Village in Vanua Levu. The project is now going onto its second phase, which runs from June 2010 to June 2013. Phase 1 was from June 2006-June 2010.

The project assesses the vulnerabilities of communities from the impacts of current climate variability and projected future climate change, provides awareness, and builds capacity in project communities by carrying out assessments, planning, management and implementation of discrete adaptation measures. These aims will be achieved through activities such as fresh water supply provisions, improvement of food security, application of precautionary approaches to health and sanitation issues to protect human health, and the implementation of appropriate coastal erosion control measures to protect the built structures and key ecosystems against the threats of climate change and frequent inundation under high tide events due to sea level rise.

Where We Work

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