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Climate change education and training is necessary to assist Pacific Islanders in combatting climate change impacts and vulnerabilities in the Pacific region. The AusAID Future Climate Leaders Project 1 (FCLP1) aims to meet this need through the development and delivery of formal and non-formal climate change education in the Pacific.

Based at the University of the South Pacific (USP), FCLP1 is implemented through the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PACE-SD). The collaboration strengthens a commitment to the delivery of quality tertiary-level education and non-formal training in climate change to Pacific Island people.

In 2010, FCLP1 established a Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change programme at USP and has been continuing with the enhancement of climate change education in the Pacific ever since.

In essence, the project provides tertiary education needs, specialized training needs and community outreach programs in climate change to the people of the Pacific, enabling them to become our “Future Climate Leaders”.

Who We Are

The aim of the Future Climate Leaders Project is to provide Pacific Island Communities with the right set of knowledge, expertise & education in climate change. Improving the understanding of climate change and enabling Pacific communities to better equip themselves with response driven adaptation measures in managing the impacts and risks associated with climate change.

What We Do

Provide regional students with the opportunity to be educated and trained in climate change by offering scholarships in Post-Graduate Diploma in Climate Change and Master of Science in Climate Change

Develop new courses in climate change and ensure the continuous delivery of existing courses in climate change through contracting/employing academics specializing in the subject of climate change

Enhance knowledge based learning for students and Pacific people in climate change by developing and delivering credit course workshops and non-credit course workshops in climate change in the region

Prepare and equip students with the right knowledge and facilitate education for them to become future climate leaders on the national, regional and international scenes

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