Staff Details:

Name: Dr Richard Crichton

Position: Consultant


Department: Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development

The University of the South Pacific

Dr Richard Crichton is an accomplished and motivated professional with many years of experience working in international organisations, including the United Nations; specialising in climate change, adaptation, resilience, sustainability, and gender in the Asia-Pacific region.

Having a proven record of generating and fostering good relations, managing projects from concept to completion, demonstrating exceptional communication skills, and creating effective
presentations. Skilled in building cross-functional teams, training individuals for success, and developing
opportunities towards the achievement of organizational goals.

The University of Tokyo (Japan) Doctor of Sustainability Science
The University of Tokyo (Japan) Masters of Sustainability Science
United Nations University (Japan) Joint Diploma in Sustainability Science
The University of the South Pacific (Fiji Islands) Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change
Brigham Young University (Hawaii) Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Island Studies
United Nations Institute for Training and Research INDIVIDUAL CONTRACTOR
The University of Tokyo COORDINATOR – GSFS Video Production
Waseda University RESEARCHER
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations PROGRAM ASSOCIATE – FAO Sub-Regional Office


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Crichton, R.N., & Esteban, M. Limits to Coastal Adaptation in Samoa: Insights and Experiences. Limits to Climate Change Adaptation. Leal Filho W., Nalau J. (eds) Climate Change Management. Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-64599-5_16. 2018

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