Staff Details:

Name: Zina Bird

Position: Research Fellow


Tel: (+679) 3232828

Department: Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development

The University of the South Pacific

The University of the South Pacific (Fiji Islands) Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Studies
Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Papua New Guinea) Masters of Science: Agriculture

Semester 1 2024

PC423: Food Security and Climate change

Bird, Z., & Yuen, L. (2020). Climate change and peri-urban household food security – Lessons from West Taraka, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. In Managing climate change Adaptation
in the Pacific Region (pp.171-195). Springer, Chan.

Bird, Z., Wairiu, M., Jacot Des Combes, H., & Lese, V (2021). Religious and cultural-spiritual
attributions of climate-driven changes on food production: A case study from North Malaita,
Solomon Islands. In Nunn, P & Luetz, M., J. (Ed) Managing Climate Change, Springer, Cham.

Bird, Z., Iese, V., Des Combes, H.J., Wairiu, M., & Yuen, L. B. (2022). Assessing the impacts of climate change on domestic crop productionL Experience and perception of local farmers in North
Malaita, Solomon Islands.

Bird, Z., Iese, V., Des Combes, H. J., Alungo, B., & Wairiu, M. (2023). Assessing rural household’s food group-source and dietary diversity pattern in Malaita Province, Scientific Report.

Iese, V., Wairiu, M., Hickey, G. M., Ugalde, B., Salili , D., Walenenea, J. J., Tabe, T., Keremama,
M., Teva, C., Naunicagi, O., Fesaitu, J., Tigona, R., Krishna, D., Sachan, H., Unwin, N.,
Guell,C., Haynes, E., Veisa, F., Vaike, L., Bird, Z., Ha’apio, M., Roko, N., Patolo, S., Dean, R.
A., Kiran, S., Tikai, P., Tuiloma, J., Halavatau, S., Francis, J., & Ward, C. A (2021). Impacts
of COVID-19 on agriculture and food systems in Pacific Island countries (PICs): Evidence
from communities in Fiji and Solomon Islands. Agricultural System , 190. issn:0308-521X, doi:

Wairiu, M., Iese, V., Walelenea, J. J., Teva, C., Ha’apio, M., Keremama, M., Navunicagi, O., Fesaitu, J., Salili, D., Tabe, T., Tigona, R., Veisa, F., Vaike, L., Bird, Z., Roko, N., Vilsoni-Raduva, M., Francis, J., Haynes, E., Tikai, P., Sala, I., & War, C. A (2021). C. CTA-2020-Fiji-Final. (TBC).
Wairiu, M; Lese, V; Navunicagi, O; Fesaitu, J; Salili, D; Tabe , T; Keremama, M; Tigona, R; Veisa, F; Walelenea, Jr. J; Teva C; Ha’apio, M; Vaike, L; Bird, Z; Roko, N; Vilsoni-Raduvua, M; Francis, J; Haynes, E; Kiran, S; Tuiloma, J; Eard, A. (2021). C. CTA-2020-Solomons-Islands-Final.

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