Priya Sharma

Degree: Master of Science in Climate Change

Graduated: April 2013

Current Position: Research Assistant under EU-GCCA at PaCE-SD, USP

Current Employment/Academic Status:

I am a research assistant under EU-GCCA project at Pacific Centre of Environment and Sustainable Development, at the University of the South Pacific.

What was your reason for enrolling in a Climate Change Program in PaCE-SD?

My willingness to make a difference to this region on an issue that is affecting PIC’s has made me choose this discipline.

What does your current career involve? (i.e your main responsibilities)

I am mainly responsible for:

Applied research: oceanography, tropical cyclones, proposal development, data analysis

Base line survey: traditional knowledge

Administration: organising scientific workshops.

How has your knowledge and skills gained from your studies assisted you and the organisation that you are working in with their duties related to climate change?

The skills I acquired during studies supported the applied research component of the project, such as data analysis using computational tools and it also guided me for the computational requirement for the organisation of scientific workshops.

Can you tell us about any success stories in your career after you have graduated that you believe was made possible with your study experience at PaCE-SD?

Given the opportunity to explore and expand my career at PaCE-SD is one of the successes after finishing my Masters.

What have you done differently/better now in your job after graduation?

Apart from applied research, I am also involved in the social science aspect of CC through baseline surveys. I find this very interesting and I understand the bridge that connects people and science.

What ambitions do you have for the future in your career?

I aim to accomplish my doctorate studies successfully.

What are you most proud of in your life? (Can be a personal achievement or work related)

I am proud of my educational achievement and all the strength and patience I have in overcoming obstacles in my career path and making my beliefs come true.

What inspires you to pursue the type of work that you are in?

Again, my willingness to make a difference to this region on an issue that is affecting PIC’s has made me build my career in this discipline.

Who is your role model and why?

My mum is my role model. I love her spirit of accepting all the challenges in her life and overcoming them strategically. I am still learning from her to build that spirit in me. Throughout my life, she has been an excellent support and motivation towards my success.


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