Global CFAH Articles And Stories

Prioritising Community Well-being and Resilience

06 May 2024

The Global CFaH Project Naitasiri Province, Fiji - Video

15 March 2024

Empowering Pacific Communities: The Global CFaH Project's Journey Towards Improved Health and Nutrition

06 March 2024

Transforming Health and Nutrition through the Global CFaH Project

28 February 2024

Project offers glimmer of hope in tackling NCDs in Fiji

02 February 2024

Transforming Pacific Health: The Global Health Research on Community Food for Human Nutrition and Planetary Health in Small Islands (Global CFAH)

12 December 2023

Research Seminar Series at USP Features Findings on Dietary Diversity and Food Insecurity in Small Island Developing State

26 June 2023

Building Capacity Through Data Analysis to Assist USP Researchers

01 June 2023

Growing and transforming Pacific Agriculture and Forestry Together

09 March 2023

USP launches the Global Community Food and Health (GCFaH) Project in Fiji

30 January 2023

Community grateful for the assistance provided by USP and FRIEND in implementing interventions aimed at improving house-hold nutrition in the communities

27 January 2023

Stakeholders Workshop held at USP for the Global Community Food and Health (GCFaH) Project

26 January 2023

Research carried out to understand the impacts of food security interventions on diets and the health of people and the environment in Fiji

25 November 2022

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