The PACRES programme implementation sites in Samoa are Palauli West District, Savaii (Taga Village) and Matautu District (Matautu, Faganalo, Saleia, Vaipouli, Avao, Lelepa villages and Masamasa-Falelima). Key areas of implementation include water security, coastal infrastructure management, agroforestry, climate ready crops, climate disaster management plan, climate development plan and advocacy and National park management plan.


  • Project Proposal Writing Training held on 30 June 2022.
  • Human Rights Training held on 30 June 2022.
  • Three million tree planting campaign and climate change awareness held on 1 July 2022.


Capacity Needs at PACRES Sites

Capacity needs assessments were carried out using Focus Group Discussions (FGD) in the PACRES sites: Taga Village and Matautu District Villages. A total of 28 participants (12 females, 16 males) were consulted during the FGD sessions. Key capacity needs identified in the villages include:

  • Lack of awareness in climate change and disaster risk management.
  • Capacity gaps in technical skills associated with climate-smart agricultural and adaptation and conservation activities.
  • Lack of awareness, ownership and capacity in practical skills associated with accessing donor grants and planning and implementing community development projects to effect climate change and disaster risk management priorities.


Training in Sustainable Agriculture

In response to the capacity need on technical skills in agricultural practices identified during the capacity needs assessment in the PACRES sites, a three-day training on sustainable agricultural practices was organised for the Taga and Matautu District Villages. The training on “intensive root crop-based systems for food security, sustainability and climate resilience” was delivered from 21–23 September 2020 at the University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Alafua Campus in Apia, Samoa. The training was delivered by the School of Agriculture and Food Technology (SAFT), USP. A total of 23 participants, 15 males and 8 females, from Taga and Matautu District Villages were trained. As part of communication and visibility for the PACRES programme, 50 water bottles from the SPREP PACRES team were disseminated during the training event.


Local Development Plans

As an initial step towards mainstreaming climate change and disaster risk management, the following local development plans are identified for PACRES geographical locations: Community Development Sector Plan 2016–2021, Matautu District Community Integrated Management Plan, Palaui West District Community Integrated Management Plan.

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