ACIAR Personnel & PASS-CR Scholars

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) PASS-CR Program office is currently housed at the University’s Research Office under the leadership of the Director of Research. The office currently administers the scholarship program to around 20 higher degree research (HDR) scholars based locally in Laucala Campus and remotely in Samoa Campus. The scholarship employs 2 full time staffs (1 based in Laucala Campus and 1 based in Samoa Campus- currently vacant) who provides on the ground support to all the scholars under the program. In partnership with the University of Sunshine Coast (UniSC), the scholarship also has an ACIAR PASS-CR Capacity Building team based in UniSC who also assist in the capacity building aspects of all the scholars under the program.

Both the on-the-ground Graduate Officers (ACIAR Graduate Officer, Laucala & Graduate Assistant Officer, Samoa) together with the UniSC team, provide administration and capacity building support to all the scholars ensuring they meet their academic milestones and project deadlines within the approved candidature period. Some of the support provided to the scholars include the following:

  • Hosting Inductions (in Laucala Campus & Samoa Campus) to all scholars;
  • Facilitating HDR trainings for the scholars- i.e., R-statistical software training, Academic training, Thesis writing training, EndNote training, etc.;
  • Student access to UniSC Library;
  • Mid-Year Induction refreshers;
  • Assisting scholars in procuring items- both locally and abroad;
  • Monthly meetings with student and supervisors; and
  • Monthly Seminars

ACIAR PASS-CR Scholarship Cohort

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) proudly announces the scholarship recipients under the ACIAR PASS-CR Program. As partners, both USP and ACIAR have always released and announced the successful recipients of the scholarship annually on their social media platforms. The list below reflects the ACIAR scholars who were and are currently under the ACIAR PASS-CR Scholarship Program.

# Cohort Degree Link to ACIAR Project Thesis Title Student Name Progress
1 2021 PhD AGB/2014/057 Sustainability of coconut value-added commodities in rural areas Ms. Luisa Ranadi Wara Final Semester
2 2021 PhD HORT/2016/185 Abundance, damage and control of Broad mites (Polyphagotarsonemuslatus banks) on sweet pepper (Capsicum annumm L) under field protected cultivation in Fiji Mrs. Leikitah Katah Naituku Final Semester
3 2021 PhD N/A Access to outdoor and foraging substrates for poultry Mrs. Priya Pritika Lal Final Semester
4 2021 MSc HORT/2016/185 Actinobacteria as a New Strategy for the Management of Bacteria wilt of Tomatoes Mrs. Nirma Nikita Nadan Thesis Submitted
5 2021 MSc HORT/2014/080 Intraspective variation of Cocus nucifera on Viti Levu Island, Fiji Ms. Shirlyn Lata Graduated 11/04/2024
6 2021 MSc CROP/2020/185 Assessing the management of natural and man-made Rhizophoraceae Mangrove Strands in Fiji (Case study of Nasese Seawall, Suva and Saweni, Lautoka) Mrs. Salote Nasalo Graduated 11/04/2024
7 2021 MSc LS/2017/033 Inventory of local feed resources for livestock feeding in Fiji: availability, chemical composition and value chain perspectives Mr. Ronil Prasad Graduated
8 2021 MSc FIS/2018/155 Testing a pelleted diet in orange-spotted Therapon (Mesopristes kneri) for potential acquaculture Ms. Komal Prianka Submitted revised proposal
9 2022 PhD HORT/2016/185 Different weed species associated with Insects and Eggplant found in the Western regions of Fiji Mrs. Aradhana Devi Deesh Final Year
10 2022 PhD HORT/2016/185 The efficacy of Trichogramma chilonison its host Crocidolomia pavonana in Samoa Mr. Sateki Fangupo 2nd Year
11 2022 MSc LS/2018/183 Semi-confinement and dietary supplimentation of Samoa indigenous chickens; impact on reproductive and growth performance Ms. Tusiata Lemuelu Graduating 31/05/2024
12 2022 MSc SLAM/2020/139 Soil Health and nutrient status within different agro-ecological Zones Ms. Ann Julie Annzorin Johnson Final Semester
13 2022 MSc CROP/2020/186 Building resilient farming systems for climate change adaptation and improved resource-use efficiency in Tonga (Reducing food loss in Tonga Taro farming systems through Taro System innovation) Mr. Christian-Yves Amaatoo-Ali Upgraded to PhD
14 2022 MSc HORT/2016/185 Investigating the utility of Abrus prevatorious to control the highly invasive White-Footed Ant, Technomyrmex difficilis, in Fiji Mr. Aleksio Rabaka Submitted thesis for examination
15 2023 PhD CLIM/2021/160 Improving carbon accounting from livestock systems in Fiji through the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions Mrs. Shalini Sharina Singh 2nd Year
16 2023 PhD HORT/2019/165 Enhancing Fruit System for Tonga and Samoa (Phase 2): Community based citrus production Mr. Alesana Malo 1st Year
17 2023 MSc LS/2014/042 Formulation of supplementary pollen patties from locally sourced pollen and sugar for bees in Fiji Mr. Nikheel Anmol Singh Final Year
18 2023 MSc LS/2014/042 Development of varroa mite economic thresholds and IPM strategies for beekeeping industries in Fiji Mr. Ravnil Prasad Final Year
19 2023 MSc LS/2019/119 Supply and demand of animal health care services in the Pacific region: effectiveness of para-veterinary services Mrs. Tivulu Biukoro Mulo Final Year
20 2024 PhD CS/2020/191 Factors Influencing Value Addition of Agricultural Commodities in the Pacific, Its Present Status and Strategies to consider by Maintaining Production at a Sustainable Level Mrs. Verenaisi Rokowaqe Lewatoro Compiling Proposal
21 2024 PhD CLIM/2020/186 Building Social Resilience and Food Security through sustainable agriculture intensification in Samoa Ms. Louise Marie Malaki-Faaofo Compiling Proposal
22 2024 PhD CLIM/2020/186 Applying crop models to explore potential use of SI interventions as climate change adaptation/ mitigation strategies for taro farming systems in Samoa and Tonga Mr. Abhineshwar Vinay Prasad Deferred studies to Sem 2, 2024
23 2024 MSc CLIM/2020/186 Application of Intercropping System in Taro-based production as Weed Management tactic based on the critical period of Weed Control in Samoa Ms. Kerinina Semalamailagi Leaupepetele Submitted Proposal
24 2024 MSc FIS/2018/154 A SWOT analysis on Freshwater Prawn aquaculture in Fiji Ratu Inoke Silimakubuna Nakalevu Submitted Proposal
25 2024 MSc FIS/2018/154 Empowerment of Women and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Small-holder Pond-based Fish Farming in the Navua Ms. Sangita Devi Maharaj Submitted Proposal
26 2024 MSc HORT/2018/195 Evaluating innovative technologies for virus diagnostic to support sweet potato clean seed systems in Fiji Ms. Shelvina Vandana Lata Submitted Proposal
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