Blue Carbon Project Update

Namarai Youth help out in filling up the potting bag with sand

The Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS) had from the 24 – 28 September 2018 begun the initial on-ground Blue Carbon project activities for the Ocean Acidification project. The 2-year project funded by The Ocean Foundation (TOF) from the United States of America and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) is aimed at monitoring ocean acidification and piloting the mitigation of ocean acidification through mangrove restoration.

A team from IAS travelled to Namarai Village Ra to set-up the mangrove nursery which was previously used during the RESCCUE (Restoration of Ecosystem Services against Climate Change) project mangrove planting phase. The work involved the collection and transportation of 6000 seedlings from Serua, potting of seedlings into plastic potting bags with assistance from Namarai village youth and planting in the designated bay.

The project team with the assistance of Fisheries Officers and Field Assistants from Ra will continue monitoring and reporting the growth of the mangrove seedlings, carry out aerial mapping and survey proposed replanting locations.

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