IAS Farewells Director

IAS staff with Dr Johann Poinapen (centre)

The Institute of Applied Sciences held a farewell function for its Director, Dr Johann Poinapen on Wednesday, 26 June at the USP Lower Campus.  Dr Johann was appointed Director in 2016 having joined IAS at the Deputy Director in October 2014.

A number of tributes were made during the farewell.  The Acting Dean, FSTE, Associate Professor Bibhya Sharma said that Dr Johann was an invaluable member of the FSTE Management Team who contributed greatly to the leadership and strategic direction of the Institute.

Mr Robin Yarrow, the Chairman of the IAS Advisory Committee said that Dr Johann had demonstrated business acumen in ensuring that IAS sustains its operations.  He added that Dr Johann had developed business and project opportunities with partners, donors, clients and other stakeholders and worked on increasing the visibility of IAS’s services.

       Mr Teddy Fong, standing far right, shares a few memorable qualities of the outgoing IAS Director

Staff representatives of the 5 IAS units also thanked Dr Johann for his leadership, mentorship and for his participatory management style.

Dr Johann thanked the Acting Dean, the IAS Management Committee and the IAS Advisory Board members for their advice and guidance provided towards his leadership.  He also thanked all the IAS staff members and students for their support and contributions during his tenure as the IAS Director.

In light of Dr Johann’s departure, the Vice-Chancellor and President, USP has appointed Dr Isoa Korovulavula as the Acting Director.  Dr Isoa is the current Manager of the IAS Environment Unit.  He holds a PhD (Environmental Management) and MSc (Natural Resource Economics) from the University of Queensland, Australia and BA from USP.  His areas of expertise include environmental management, resource economics and community based integrated resource management.

            Dr Johann Poinapen pictured with IAS Advisory Committee Chairman Mr Robin Yarrow

The Institute of Applied Sciences is a self-funded consultancy, training and research arm of the University that is located within the Faculty of Science, Technology & Environment.  Its main areas of activity are analytical services, training, research and development and consulting services in areas related to natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. It also houses the Pacific Natural Product Research Centre and the South Pacific Regional Herbarium.

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