IAS Management Committee Meets

IAS Management Committee Members at the IAS Biofuel Laboratory: (l to r) Professor Derrick Armstrong (DVC, Research & International, USP), Professor Surendra Prasad (Head of School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, FSTE, USP), Professor Maurizio Cirricone (Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering & Physics), Dr Johann Poinapen (Director, IAS) and Dr Morgan Wairui (Deputy Director, PACE-SD, USP)

The Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS) Management Committee held its first 2019 meeting on Friday, 1 February.  Chaired by the University of the South Pacific (USP) Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & International) and comprising of senior official of the University of the South Pacific, the committee’s role is to provide guidance and advice on the operational activities of the Institute.

The members visited the IAS Laboratory facilities as well as the South Pacific Regional Herbarium following the meeting.

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