IAS Staff Construct HART Village Footpath

IAS team at worksite.

The Institute of Applied Science Staff as part of their “social responsibility” and team bonding exercise has over the years visited places such as the Old People’s Home in Samabula and the School of the Blind in Vatuwaqa. The visits included presentation of items such as singing and handing over of gifts in cash and kind. These alms were donated by staff members. The construction of a concrete foot path in the Valelevu HART Village was identified as this year’s activity and staff members fundraised for the cost of materials.

On Saturday 30th June, IAS staff worked from early morning to afternoon as well as after work on the 3rd of July to complete the new footpath.
The Valelevu HART Village is home to thirty families who are either very low income earners or not employed at all. A good number of the residents are elderly and/or physically disabled. The new footpath has greatly helped those on wheel and walkers and the other residents alike. Previously a dirt footpath with bits and pieces of broken concrete thrown in was being used. Residents especially those on walking aid found it a daily challenge to use the footpath. Wet weather makes the path slippery and muddy. The new concrete foot path has seen these difficulties a thing of the past.
Spokesperson for the village Mr. Livai Ceva expressed the community’s gratitude to the IAS team on the work that was done. He said that the footpath is something the residents use daily and the new one will make life a bit better for them.

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