Institute of Applied Sciences Staff Fundraise for WOWS Kids Fiji

Walk On Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Fiji Founder Mrs Sina Kami addresses IAS staff during the October morning tea

The Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS) staff members had organised fundraising activities with the proceeds donated to the Walk on Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Fiji in November 2018. Conducted as part of IAS team building and community outreach efforts, the fundraising followed heartfelt and moving presentations to the IAS staff members by the WOWS Founder Mrs Sina Kami and Team Leader Ms Viola Lesi on 22 October 2018.

WOWS Kids is a non-profit Charity Foundation for children with cancer in Fiji that was founded in 2014 to fulfill the dreams of Mrs Kami’s daughter, Tae Kami who had passed away at 15 years of age from cancer.  Mrs Kami spoke on the reality of hardships and challenges faced by families of children who suffer from cancer and how WOWs assists in easing these burdens with support provided to both the patient and their families.

       Mia Kami performs the Walk On Walk Strong song during the IAS October morning tea

Ms Lesi stressed the importance of early detection of cancer in children that would allow for timely diagnosis, immediate care and support for the individuals and their families. Ms Viola further shared on the various means WOWS Kids support child cancer patients including health and nutrition advice, financial assistance and support to families who were struggling to meet daily needs in the wake of cancer diagnosis.

        IAS Staff members during the WOWs Kids Fiji presentation and staff morning tea

Dr Johann Poinapen, Director IAS while acknowledging the work undertaken by WOWS Kids Fiji added that IAS will continue to participate in team building activities that contribute to worthy causes such as WOWs Kids Fiji while fostering goodwill in our local and regional communities.

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