The Institute of Applied Sciences and Kava Korporesen Pte Limited signed Kava research Scholarship agreement


The Institute of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Kava Korporesen Pte Limited jointly signed on Friday, 21 October, 2020 a Masters of Science Research scholarship award that is tenable from 2021 at the University of the South Pacific Laucala Campus, Fiji. The Master of Science Research that will focus on Kava chemistry and Kavalactone extraction, isolation and purification for food grade application is the first private sector and academia partnership with regards to Kava research in Fiji.

“We need to promote more positive stories about our sacred crop Kava in order to build the industry in a more positive light,” said the Kava Korporesen Pte Ltd Director and Founder Mr John Sanday after the signing.

“What better contribution to that positive story than this scholarship award – this collaboration is in recognition of the IAS Laboratory and team’s capabilities, technical expertise in Kava analysis and seeing as this is the first scholarship of its kind, it will become more interesting moving forward,” Mr Sanday stated.

Mr Josaia Rayawa Director of Waisomo Farms Pte Limited was encouraged by the involvement and support of Kava Korporesen in funding this scholarship.

“For Kava Korporesen to commence this partnership with the Institute of Applied Sciences, from a farmer’s perspective is very encouraging. The knowledge gained from this Masters Scientific Research should help us collectively better position ourselves in this industry to be a proper industry,” Mr Rayawa mentioned

The research is also timely with regards to the recent announcement by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (UN FAO), Codex Alimentarius Commission of a standard for kava products for use as beverage when mixed with water.  This will greatly facilitate the regional exporting market with kava being classified as a beverage.  This is especially pleasing as IAS had been contributing to the kava research work, technical meetings and kava products development for a number of years now.

Dr Korovulavula in thanking Kava Korporesen said that one of the University’s Charter is service to the people, “Kava Korporesen, in funding this scholarship, grants the opportunity for applicants and IAS to give back to the region as kava is increasingly becoming an important export commodity for Fiji and the region.  This partnership will also support the development of capabilities of people in the region in the area of kava research so they could better assist stakeholders in the kava industry”.

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