OHS Consultation


The Lautoka Campus is located in the city of Lautoka on the western part of the large Viti Levu Island in Fiji.

The campus currently occupies 4 levels of the Western House Building located at Vidilo Street within the central business district of Lautoka city.


The Workplace OHS Representative and Committee

The USP OHS Policy states that the university as the employer will consult with staff and student representatives on the development and promotion of an effective health and safety program for their workplaces.

Lautoka Campus OHS Committee 2021


Management representatives
Dr. Pramila Devi
Arunesh Chandra
Teresa Ali
Arti Archana
Vice Chairperson
Sangeeta Sharma
Esita Dau
Assistant Secretary
Siwagami Devi
Other Members
Motufaga  Wise
USPSA representative – Shivneel Prasad
Mohammed Khan
Upendra Kumar
Helen Ieli
Shain Kumar
Manueli Tabote
Nishant Reddy
Sr. Kabu
Amitesh Kumar
Timoci Savu
Kavi Nathan
Yanmei Li
Aisea Kaidawa
Amitesh Reddy
Krishan Kumar
Shaleshni Prasad


The supervisor of the workplaces within the Lautoka campus is responsible for maintaining and ensuring that the campus facilities and staff operate safely and without risk to health & welfare of students and other workers.

Resolving Health and Safety Issues in the Workplace

In the first instance all health and safety issues within the Lautoka USP campuses must be addressed by the worker and the supervisor responsible for the workplace

USP Staff or students within a workplace under the guidance of the USP OHS Consultation Procedure may immediately raise issues of health and safety concern to the most senior staff in charge of the workplace.

USP Workplace Health and Safety Issue Resolution Flow Chart

The USP hazard incident report form is to be used by the worker or student to officially document this and forward this report to his /her supervisor as well as to the USP OHS Unit.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor  of that workplace to ensure that these workplace hazards or issues are rectified as soon as possible.




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