Lautoka Campus Emergency Contact Numbers & Information

The first response for dealing with any potential emergency is to CALL FOR HELP!

It is important for campus staff and students to know and access phone numbers to key people and responders within the campus and community who can rapidly respond to and deal with the emergency.



When you see smoke or fire in your building or vicinity knowing what to do in those initial minutes may save your life and those around you.

Lautoka Campus Emergency Fire Response & Evacuation Procedure

It is important that building occupants are aware of the locations and how to use first attack firefighting equipment present in the building.

These includes fire extinguishers, Fire hose reels and fire blankets.




Fire Extinguishers

Fire Hose Reels

Fire Blankets








Building Fire Wardens are USP staff and designated students who have received training from their National Fire Authority to conduct basic building fire safety preparedness and response activities, including using firefighting equipment and conducting building evacuations.

There are 2 types of Building fire wardens in USP, these are Chief Building Fire Wardens and Building Fire Wardens

USP Building Fire Warden Roles & Responsibilities

The Lautoka Campus Fire Wardens are present in the building to carry out these important roles , its important to recognize them and support them in the important roles that they contribute to the safety of the building and its occupants.


Emergency Assembly Area Signboards used in USP

An Emergency Assembly Area is a designated safe area or location specific for a hazardous event e.g. emergency assembly area for fire and evacuation site for tsunami, flooding or cyclones.

Emergency Assembly Area for Fire for Lautoka Campus is located at ground level at the nearby Lautoka Catholic Church area on Tukani Street.



Earthquakes may occur at any time. It is important to know what to do during and immediately after an earthquake.

Earthquake Advisory Brochure




Vidilo Street where the Western House building where the Lautoka campus is situated is located within the Tsunami Hazard zone of Lautoka city as it is located only several meters away from the coastline.

Standing on Vidilio Street is only 9 meters above sea level.

Western House 3 level Building on Vidilo Street.

In the event of a tsunami warning occupants may move to upper levels of the building and remain there until the tsunami subsides



In the event of a tsunami warning, occupants may move to upper levels of the building and remain there until the tsunami subsides.

However, in the event the building itself is unsafe like in an earthquake or fire, occupants must evacuate to designated tsunami evacuation sites nearby

Closest Tsunami Evacuation Sites approx. 2 km inland from the city coastline include the Lautoka Hospital (40 meters above sea level) and the Simla Surburbs (60 meters above sea level) where there are open grounds to assemble safely.

It is important to move as speedily and safely as possible to these areas.


All USP campuses in the Cyclone belt of the South Pacific Region are susceptible to cyclones during the months between November to April.

It’s important to be well prepared for these cyclones before they happen, and take all precautions during and after cyclones have occurred.

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